Ballroom Dancing in Tulsa?

Come see us at Two Left Feet, if you're looking for the right ones...

Why Us?

Multiple Venues Covered

We proudly offer private ballroom dancing classes & performance instruction at multiple dance studios in the Tulsa area including Bixby, Jenks, East, & West Tulsa to suit your schedule & convenience.  Our instructors are sought after throughout Oklahoma & Texas, and compete, travel, & offer dance classes throughout the nation & world.

***We will be opening our very own doors soon in S. Tulsa!!!***

Wallflowers & Social Butterflies

Some seek to be a World Champion, some seek to be the envy of their local honky-tonk, some seek a beautiful 1st dance to start their marriage, and some simply seek a new, fun, healthy hobby.  Many fall somewhere in between.

We have taught them all. 

Whatever your dance goals are, we can get you moving.  We also offer musical theater coaching, pageant preparation, cotillion / etiquette instruction, and professional demonstrations,  to name a few.

Champion Instruction

Two Left Feet is the brain-child of Stefan & Diana Easter, both accomplished musical theater & ballroom dance choreographers and instructors.  Since they were both children, they have been dancing and performing on stage.  With many titles and achievements already under their belt, they seek to give the gift of ballroom dancing to competitors, social dancers, & beautiful weddings alike in Tulsa & beyond.